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Bond Box - SmartBox Advisors

Have an anchor to your Investments

With Fixed Return & Capital Protection

Bored of trading in stocks, Try Bonds
Just find out how simple it is.


Tax-Free Returns

Interest on Bonds are totally tax-free in the hands of investors with regular income

Regular Income

Bonds have options of monthly, Semi-annually and Yearly Interest Payment options so your cash flow requirements are taken care of

Grow Your Investment

Debentures with the compounding of interest earned are available so that you get predefined and compounded return on your investments

Capital Gains Tax Benefit

Any long term capital gain** realized from the sale of Land or Investment Property is subject to 20% tax. Invest in this category of bonds and avail 100% tax exemption. This is as per section 54EC of Income Tax Act, 1961.

We know the primary objective of business,
To make your investment grow more.

Our Deep Understanding of Bonds will help your earn safe, secure and stable cash flow on your investments

Some of the Corporate Bonds & Government Bonds

We help you to unlock & unleash the power
Of Your wealth through our analysis & expertise