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Bond Box

Secured. Higher Return. Stable Long-term Cashflow.

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Corporate Bonds

Invest in the future of Corporate India. Best deals on reputed companies

Tax free Bonds

Save tax and Invest in the future of India

Non Convertible Debentures

Earn cumulative interest not offered on any other debt instrument

Government Bonds

Enjoy safety and higher returns than FD
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We are Different

  Ethical Attitude

  Client First Policy

 In Depth Product Knowledge

 Investment Strategy made By CFA Charter Holder

  Managed By Team Of Professional

 Quick Response

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Smart Beta Box

Investment Products

HighWall Strategy

HighWall portfolio consists of stocks which have given positive alpha compared to its benchmark. It follows momentum philosophy and gives the investor exposure to on …

LoWall Strategy

LoWall focuses on reducing risk and enhancing return by following investment strategy that involves building a portfolio of stocks which has less standard deviation than …

All Weather Strategy

This portfolio helps investor reduce risk by investing in different asset class. Historically gold is referred to as safe haven during Political as well as …

Idea Box

Alpha generation through Unique Investment Strategy in ETF

Our Team

Pawankumar Choudhary

Our Mentor & Inspiration

About Us


SmartBox Advisors, founded by Bhumit Choudhary, CFA and CS Samata Choudhary with the aim to cater Investors with smart and new age Investment Products. Under its decades old parent company “Pawankumar Parmeshwarlal Stock Brokers”, the firm is poised to explore innovative ways of servicing today’s dynamic investors.

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